Financial Services

Acadia NorthStar has operated for nearly two decades mastering the financial accounting and data reporting systems that keep charter schools financially healthy and charter school auditors happy.

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Student Information

For 19 years, Acadia NorthStar has been a calming presence in the storm of student information management for North Carolina charter schools.

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Web Design

Show the world who you are, with an optimized and professionally designed website. From hosting, to development, to SEO: Acadia NorthStar Charter School Services now includes web design.

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Experience. Knowledge. Dependability.


Acadia NorthStar is a full-service financial accounting and student information management firm dedicated to offering clients an array of accounting, budgeting, technical support, and PowerSchool management services.

Founded in 2001, Acadia NorthStar is the largest provider of charter school financial and student information management services in North Carolina. With over a decade of not-for-profit and charter school experience, many staff members and Officers have worked with charter schools since their inception. As charter schools have evolved and become more complex, Acadia NorthStar has continued to work side-by-side with its clients to solidify their financial health and ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines


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